Lighting – Daily Rates

20K Fresnel$500.00

12 Light Maxibrute$175.00

10K Fresnel$165.00

6K Space Lights$95.00

5K Fresnel$100.00

9 Light Fay$100.00

2K Mole Junior$40.00

2K Mole Baby Junior$60.00

2K Mole Zip$35.00

2K Slimline Open Face$30.00

1K Mole Baby Fresnel$35.00

1K Mole Open Face$20.00

1K Lowel DP$20.00

1K Red Head $25.00

1K Par 64$15.00

650Watt Mole Tweenie fernel$30.00

750 Source Four 26/36/50-degree$30.00

575 Source Four 26/36/50-degree$25.00

500 watt Lowel Omni$20.00

300 watt Altman fresnel$25.00

200 watt Mini Mole$25.00

100 watt Mole inbetweenie$20.00

HMI Lighting – Daily Rates

12K Fresnel$500.00

12K Par$850.00

6K Par$550.00

4K Strand HMI Par$400.00

2500 Strand HMI Par$300.00

Arri M18$200.00

1600 Joker$200.00

1200 HMI Fresnel$150.00

1200 HMI Par$175.00

800 Joker$175.00

575 HMI Par$150.00

575 HMI Fresnel $135.00

400 Watt Joker Bug HMI $150.00

200 watt HMI Par$110.00

200 watt HMI fresnel $100.00

Stands – Daily Rates

Mambo Combo$18.00

Three Riser Combo$8.00

Two Riser Combo$8.00

Two Riser Lowboy Combo$8.00

C-stands (black/silver)$5.00

Baby C-stand$5.00

Hi Hi Rollers$12.00

Baby stands$5.00


Roadrunner Crank Stand$90.00

Roadrunner Crank Low-Boy Stand$90.00

Chimeras & Balloon Lights – Daily Rates

Small Chimera $40.00

Medium Chimera $50.00

2K Airstar Ballon light with stand$200.00

Light Kits – Daily Rates

4 Light Dedo kit $175.00

4 Light Arri kit (2x 650w, 2x300w)
w/ stands $100.00

Kino Flo Fluorescent Lights
Daily Rates

400 Celeb$150.00

200 Celeb$150.00

Kino Diva (daylight/tungsten)$75.00

Kino 4’ Four Bank Ballast
(daylight/tungsten) $75.00

Kino 4’ Single$25.00

Kino 2′ Four Bank$75.00

Kino 2′ double$45.00

Kino 2′ single$20.00

Kino 9″ Mini-Flow set

LED/Phosphor Lights – Daily Rates

Arri Skypanel S120$400.00

Arri Skypanel S60$250.00

Aadyn Tech Eco Punch$200.00

Aadyn Tech Jab$150.00

Cineo HS Phosphor$200.00

1×1 Bi Color LED panel w/ 2 190wh

1×1 LED Chimera/Eggcrate$20.00

(4) 190wh gold mount batteries
w/ charger$75.00

Battery Belt takes 2 gold mount

Astera AX1 Wireless PixelTube$25.00

Astera Wireless Transmitter$25.00

Arri Locaster$75.00

Distro/Cable – Daily Rates

600 Amp Distro Box$100

400 Amp Distro Box$80

Lunch box$25

120 V 60 Amp Gang box$15

120 v 100 Amp Gang Box$15

240 V Gang box(two 20 Amp circuits)$10

100 Amp to 60 Amp splitters$15

220 V paddle to cam-lok$10

250 V paddle to cam-lok$10

Snake Bite (Cam-lok to Female Bates)$30

50′ Banded cam-lok$25

100′ single cam-lok$15

50′ single cam-lok$12

50′ 100 Amp Bates$18

25′ 100 Amp Bates$10

50′ 60 Amp Bates$12

10′ 60 Amp Bates$5


Female/female cam-lok$8

Male/male cam-lok$8

set of trico tie ins$30

set of cam-lok open ends$30

25 ft stingers$4

50 ft stingers$5

100 ft stingers$8

60 amp to two 60 amp splitter$15