5 Ton – “Dawn Treader”

Pirate Grip & Electric

Pirate 5 Ton Grip and Electric truck:   $550/day

First 100 Miles Free Per Day, $0.545  each additional mile.

Electric – Quantity

1200 par1

4×4 Kino1

2×4 Kino1

2K baby juniors2



200 watt mini moles
(all on head cart)4

Stinger cart with 25, 50, & 100 ft extension chords

Grip – Quantity

20×20 frames (full, Lt grid, ¼ silk, solid)2

12×12 frames (rag set)2

8×8 frames (rag set)2

6×6 frames (rag set)2

1 4×4 cart with frames & bounces1

Shiny Boards5

Mirror Boards2


Apple box cart with full, 1/2, 1/4, and pancake

Hardware cart with cheeseboroughs, speedrail fittings, chain vice, c-clamps

Wall spreaders, menace arm rig, cheeseplates


Muscle cart with 35lb & 15lb bags, & 35lb & 20lb shot bags

Taco cart with 2×3, 18×24, &18×12 flags; clamps, baby plates


2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 step available

Stands – Quantity

C-stands & 2 babies on cart18

Baby stands10

Combo stands8

Mombo Combos4

Hi Rollers4

Dolly – Quantity

Platform dolly with skateboard troughs

8ft dolly tracks4

Skateboard dolly1

Crate of wedges1

Crate of cribbing1

Crate of step blocks1


CTO, Silver Rosco, gaffers tape various sprays

CTB Rosco, scrim, paper tape, sash

Diffusion, ND 3,6,9,1.2, pledge, screw bag

+/- green Party colors, streaks & tips, 4×8 lumber

4×8 foamcore, black wrap, rope, visquine (blk/clear)

duvetyne, muslin, 2×4, 1×3 lumber 6,8,10,16ft planks

Photofloods (tung/day) 211, 212, 213, 250w, 500w


2k generator (pay as used), 100psi air compressor

broom, crowbar

shovel, bolt cutters

rake, sledge hammer

sockets, drivers

hammers, drills

saws, Speedrail of various sizes

Furniture pads