3 Ton
"The Anchor"


First 50 Miles Free Per Day, $0.58 each additional mile.

This fully-customized Grip and Electric truck has everything your project needs - and more!
"The Anchor" is preloaded with only the best current Grip and Electric production gear on the market.
Full-sized lift gate allows removing the carts easily and safely, while the butterfly doors can lock onto the truck - giving your crew the necessairy room to work. Also features six jockey boxes and an accessible side door with fold-out stairs.
Below is a list of equipment included in "The Anchor" package:

Light Package

One 1200 HMI Par
Two 4 x 4 Kino (Day/Tung)
Two 2 x 4 Kino (Day/Tung)
Two 1K Fresnels
Two 650 Fresnels
Two 300 Fresnels
Two Par 64s
2ft & 4ft Quasar Crossfades In Kino Shells [Each Has (2) 4ft x 4 Bank & (2) 2ft x 4 Bank]


Twelve Stingers - 25 to 50ft various
Two Dimmers (1,000w)
Four Cube Taps
Six 3-2 pin House Power Adapters

Apple Boxes

Four Full Apple Boxes
Four Half Apple Boxes
Four Quarter Apple Boxes
Four Pancake Apple Boxes
One Apple Box seat cover (vertical)


Sixteen C-Stands (w/ Arms)
Two Baby C-Stands
Six Combo Stands (3-Riser w/ RM Leg)
Two Low Boy Combo (2-Riser w/ RM Leg)
Four High Rollers
Two Mombo Combos
Six Beefy Baby (3-Riser w/ RM Leg)


One 4 x 4 B/W Foam Core ($12 charge if cut)
One Tape Roll - Assortment
One C-47 - Assortment
One 2 Blackwrap - Box (24inch Wide)
One Sash/Various
One Crate of Scrap Duvetyne
One Clear Visqueen Roll
One Crutch Tips (Various)


One 12 x 12 Kit - Frame, Solid, Ultra, Single, Double, Silk
One 8 x 8 Kit - Frame, Solid, Ultra, Single, Double, Silk
One 6 x 6 Kit - Frame, Solid, Ultra, Single, Double, Silk


Two 4 x 4 Solid Floppy
One 4 x 4 Empty Frame
Four 24 x 36 Solid
Two 24 x 36 Double Net
Two 24 x 36 Single Net
Four 18 x 24 Solid
Two 18 x 24 Double Net
One 18 x 24 Single Net

Sand Bags

Four 35lbs Sandbag
Ten 20lbs Sandbag
Ten 10lbs


Two Shiny Board - Silver (Hard/Soft)
One Mirror Board


One 4 Step
One 6 Step
One 8 Step
One 10 Step


One Stinger Cart
One C-Stand Cart
One Taco Cart
One Head Cart
One 4 x 4 Cart
One Sr Magliner Dually Carts

Grip Equipment

One 12 x 12 Frame
One 8 x 8 Frame
One 6 x 6 Frame
Six Lollipops
One Baby Offset Arm
Two Jr Offsets
Four Baby Plates
Two Jr Plates
Two 4inch Baby C-Clamps
Two 6inch Baby C-Clamps
Four Scissor Clamps
Four Butt Plugs
Three Platypus'
Five End Jaw Cardelinis
One Mafer Clamp
One Crate 1 x 3 Cribbing
One Crate of Wedges
Three Shiny Boards
Twelve #1 A-Clamps
Twelve #2 A-Clamps
Six #3 A-Clamps


One Bolt Cutter
One 24inch Level, Hammer
One Broom, Shovel
Four Safety Road Cones