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Paige Edinson

(602) 502-7891


The Only Film & TV Prop Rental House In Arizona

Set Walls, furniture, hero props... Pirate's got you covered!
Student and theater discounts can be applied - include your occupation with rental.
Can't find what you're looking for? Call Paige with any questions (602) 502-7891
Below is a list of art props in Pirate's rental house:


IV Pole
Motor Seat
Manual Weight Scale
Medical Walker
Saline IV Bags
Stunt Needle Syringes
Small Student Microscope (Non-Functioning)
Vintage Blood Pressure Machine
Modern Blood Pressure Cuff
2 x 3 X-Ray Reader/Light
Large Respirator Machine
Medical Examiner's Reading Glasses w/ Magnifying Lenses
Small "Emergency Kit"
Large "Emergency Kit"
Bed Pans (call for colors)
Hospital Blankets
Surgical Masks (Expendable)
Pill Bottles (Minimum Five)
Various Packaged Medical Supplies
Small First Aid Posters
Kid Size Teeth/Gums Mold w/ Container
Patient Gowns
Tray of 90 Colored Test Tubes
Black Zip-Case w/ Injections
Large Foot Brace
Empty Syringes & Test Tubes
"Fall Risk" & "DNR" Braclets
Surgical Gloves (Expendable)
Percussion Hammer
IV Administrative Tubes
Patient Neck Clips for Disposable Bibs
Sterile Pads Pack w/ Plastic Case
Plastic ID Badge
Orange Stretcher
Medical Table


Shoulder Mics for Walkies


Wooden Baseball Bats
Aluminum Baseball Bats
Large Foosball Table
Tennis Rackets
Racketball Rackets
Dartboard & Darts
Skateboards & Longboards
Croquet Set
Modern & Vintage Lawnchairs
Bike, Skate, & Motorcycle Hemlets
Hardhats & Safety Vests
Yoga Mats
5lb Weights

Greeked & Cleared

$25 Money - 140pcs Full Print (100, 50, 20 dollar bills)
$35 Money - 60pcs Full Print (50 dollar bills)
$50 Money - 400pcs Full Print (100 dollar bills)
1lb Rubber Glass Broken Pieces
Greeking Book - Stickers
Soda, Wine, Beer, Lemonade Labels & Stikers
Chocolate and Protein Bars Labels & Stickers
Milk and Vitamins Labels & Stickers
Cat Food Labels & Stickers
Corn, Mac & Cheese, Salted Pretzels Labels & Stickers
Race Tickets, Golf Club Score Cards, Blog Names Labels & Stickers
Hairspray, Foot & Skin Cream, Pills, Floss, Shaving Cream, Shampoo, Mouthwash, Pregnancy Test Labels & Stickers
LA Hospital Badges, Driver's Licenses, Valet Tags, Marathon Numbers, Union Names Stickers & Labels
Airline ID & Tickets, Train Tickets Labels
Taxi Tickets & Labels
Police Crests & Labels Magnetic Decal
Media ID Badges
LA Times Newspaper


$50 4 x 8 Crash Mats
$150 8 x 8 Crash Mats
Football Tackling Dummies
$50 F/X AF-4 Fan with wireless remote transmitter/receiver
$75 Hazer
$75 Fogger


Alien Pistol
8 MM (Blanks)
9 MM (Blanks)
Beretta Cougar 9 MM (Blanks)
Beretta 85 8 MM (Blanks) w/ Three Magazines
9 MM w/ Silencer (non-functioning)
SIG Mock 9 MM (non-functioning)
38 MM Revolver 5-Shot (Starter Gun) (non-functioning)
Six-Shooter Revolvers (non-functioning)
Plastic 9 MM (non-functioning)
Shotgun (non-functioning)
Rifle (non-functioning)
25 Caliber Hand Gun (non-functioning)
10ft Leather Whips
6ft Leather Whip
Assorted Large & Small Pocket Knives


$25 2inch Gaff Tape (White, Grey, Black)
$20 1inch Gaff Tape (White, Black, Neon Blue, Brown, Tan, Olive Green, Flo Orange, Flo Yellow, Flo Pink, Flo Green)
$12 2inch Paper Tape (Black)
$8 1inch Paper Tape (Black)
$27 2inch Photo Tape (Matt Black)
$20 2inch Photo Small Core (Matt Black)
$8 1/2inch Paper Tape (Flo Orange, Flo Yellow, Flo Green, Flo Pink)
$35 1inch Clear Butyl
$30 3/4inch Clear Butyl
$25 1/2inch Clear Butyl
$15 1/2inch 5pk Pro Pocket Spike Stack Dark
$15 1/2inch 5pk Pro Pocket Spike Stack Flo
$15 1/2inch 5pk Pro Pocket Spike Stack Bright


$15 Super 77
$7 Dulling Spray (call for hues)
$7 Streaks n' Tips (call for colors)
$17 Nicotine Movie Paint
$17 Red Rust Movie Paint
$25 Chroma Green Movie Paint


Vintage Six-Channel Radio
Retro Radios
Modern Office Telephones
Computer Kiosk
Vintage House Telephones
"JVC" Portable CD Player
Car Phone
Retro TVs
"Red, White, & Blue 777" sit-down slot machine


$175/day Ambulance
Realistic Stand-in Rubber Baby Doll
Funeral Casket
8ft Metal Water Trough
4 x 8 Plexi Mirror
Shopping carts (call for colors)
Yellow Makeup Mirror


$50 4 x 8 Flat Set Walls
$60 4 x 8 Faux Brick Set Walls
$50 Rod Iron Fencing
$5 Jack Stands
Large Posing Boxes
Large Round Posing Boxes
Medium Posing Boxes
Small Posing Boxes
8ft Yellow Tube

Clothing & Bags

Brown Cammo Dufflebags
Adult & Kids' Backpacks
Wallets (call for colors)
Sewing Machines
Black Dufflebags w/ Handles


Fuller's Earth - Expendable
Pink Sand - Expendable
Large Wooden Barrels
Medium Wooden Barrels
Small Wooden Barrels
Large Styrofoam Rocks
Medium Styrofoam Rocks
Small Styrofoam Rocks
Outdoor Baby Angels Statue
Lawn Chairs

Indoor - Decoration

Throw Pillows (call for colors & sizes)
Lamps (call for colors & sizes)
Picture Frames (call for colors & sizes)
Small Unicorns & Horses
Teddy Bears (call for colors & sizes)
Small Wooden "Praying" Statues
Small Ceramic Yellow Taxi Piggy Bank
Large bag of towels (various sizes)
Blue Hydraulic Bar Stools
Three-Unit Wood & Metal Shelf
Brass, copper, wood, or bronze decor

Indoor - Bedroom

Bed Frames (call for colors & sizes)
Stuffed animals
Bedspreads (call for colors & sizes)

Indoor - Office

Desks (call for colors & sizes)
Potted plants (call for colors & sizes)
Office Chairs
Hydraulic TV Stand/Mount w/ Casters
Hydraulic Wood & Metal Desk
Wall-Mount & Desk Clocks
Hydraulic Table
Water Cooler


Retail Racks
Large Glass & Wood Display Case
Cash Registers
Magazine Racks