5 Ton -
"Dawn Treader"


First 50 Miles Free Per Day, $0.58 each additional mile.

Get more bang for your buck! The "Dawn Treader" is organized with efficiency and reliability in mind. Only the best current Grip and Electric production gear on the market are on this truck.
Full-sized lift gate allows removing the carts easily and safely, while the butterfly doors can lock onto the truck - giving your crew the necessairy room to work. Also features six jockey boxes and an accessible side door with fold-out stairs. No CDL required to drive this truck.
Below is a list of equipment included in "Dawn Treader" package:

Light Package

One 1200 HMI Par
One 4 x 4 Kino (Day/Tung)
One 2 x 4 Kino (Day/Tung)
Two 1K Fresnels
Two 650 Fresnels
Two 300 Fresnels
Two Par 64s

Sand Bags

Four 35lbs Sandbag
Ten 20lbs Sandbag
Ten 10lbs


One 4 Step
One 6 Step
One 8 Step
One 10 Step


Two Shiny Board - Silver (Hard/Soft)
One Photoflex - Multidisk 5-in-1 Reflector


One 2k Generator (Pay As Used, 100psi Air Compressor)
One Crowbar, Shovel, Rake
One Sledge Hammer, Sockets, Drivers
One Hammers, Drills, Saws
Four Speedrail of Various Sizes
Four Furniture Pads


One Hardware Cart w/ Cheeseboroughs, Speedrail Fittings, Chain Vice, C-Clamps
One Stinger Cart
One Wall Spreaders, Menace Arm Rig, and Cheeseplates Cart
One 4 x 4 Cart w/ Frames and Bounces
One C-Stand Cart
One Taco Cart w/ 2 x 3, 18 x 24, and 18 x 12 Flags; Clamps and Baby Plates
One Head Cart
One Muscle Cart w/ 35lbs & 15lbs bags, and 35lbs & 20lbs Shot Bags
One Sandbag Cart
One Sr Magliner Dually Carts
Apple Boxes:
Six Full Apple Boxes
Four Half Apple Boxes
Four Quarter Apple Boxes
Four Pancake Apple Boxes
One Apple Box seat cover (vertical)


Twelve Stingers - 25 to 100ft various
One 1200 Par
One 4 x 4 Kino
One 2 x 4 Kino
Two 2K Baby Juniors
Two Babies
Two Tweenies
Four 200 Watt Mini Moles (All on Head Cart)


One 20 x 20 Kit - Frame, Solid, Ultra, Silk
One 12 x 12 Kit - Frame, Solid, Ultra, Single, Double, Silk
One 8 x 8 Kit - Frame, Solid, Ultra, Single, Double, Silk
One 6 x 6 Kit - Frame, Solid, Ultra, Single, Double, Silk
One 4 x 4 Kit - Frame, Solid, Ultra, Single, Double, Silk


Eighteen C-Stands (w/ Arms) and 2 Babies on Cart
Eight Combo Stands (3-Riser w/ RM Leg)
Two Low Boy Combo (2-Riser w/ RM Leg)
Six Beefy Baby (3-Riser w/ RM Leg)
Ten Baby Stands
Four Mombo Combos
Four Hi Rollers

Grip Equipment

Two 12 x 12 Frames (Rag Set)
Two 8 x 8 Frames (Rag Set)
Two 6 x 6 Frames (Rag Set)
Five Shiny Boards
Two Mirror Boards
20 x 20 Frames:
Two Full
Two Lt Grid
Two 1/4 Silk
Two Solid
Two 4inch Baby C-Clamps
Two 6inch Baby C-Clamps
Four Scissor Clamps
Four Butt Plugs
Two Platypus'
Five End Jaw Cardelinis
One Mafer Clamp
One Crate 1 x 3 Cribbing
One Crate of Wedges
Three Shiny Boards
Twelve #1 A-Clamps
Twelve #2 A-Clamps
Six #3 A-Clamps


One 4 x 8 B/W and Clear Foamcore ($12 charge if cut)
One Tape Roll and Gaffer's Tape - Assortment
One C-47 - Assortment
One 2 Blackwrap - Box (24inch Wide)
One Sash/Various Ties & Bag
Two Nylong 1/2inch Rope (100ft Sections)
Two Nylong 1/2inch Rope (50ft Sections)
One Crate of Scrap Duvetyne, Muslin
One Clear and Black Visqueen (Roll) & Tarp
One Crutch Tips (Various)
One CTO, Silver Rosco, CTB Rosco
One Scrim, Sash, Black Wrap, Rope,
One +/- Green Party Colors, Streaks & Tips
One 2 x 4, 1 x 3, and 4 x 8 Lumber with 6, 8, 10, and 16ft Planks
One Diffusion, ND 3,6,9,1.2, Pledge, Screw Bags
One Photofloods (Tung/Day), 211, 212, 213, 250w, 500w


Two 4 x 4 Solid Floppy
One 4 x 4 Empty Frame
Four 24 x 36 Solid
Two 24 x 36 Double Net
Two 24 x 36 Single Net
One 24 x 36 Silk (Iimitation)
Four 18 x 24 Solid
Two 18 x 24 Double Net
Four #3 Hard Graves (Grip Clips)
One 18 x 24 Single Net
One 18 x 24 Silk (Imitation)


Two Flashlights
One Drill, Hand Saw, Bolt Cutter,
One 24inch Level, 12inch Tape Measure, Hammer
One Broom, Hand Broom, & Dust Pan Set
Four Safety Road Cones