Sprinter Van -
"The Lifeboat"


First 50 Miles Free Per Day, $0.58 each additional mile.

Smaller project? Tight on budget? No problem! The Sprinter Van has the neccessairy tools to get the job done! This van is filled to the brim with only the best current Grip and Electric production gear on the market.
Below is a list of equipment included in "The Lifeboat" package:

sprinter van

Light Package

Two Two 4 x 4ft Bank Kino Flo – 3200(10) & 5500(10) Globes
Two Kino Flo Diva 400 – 2900(8) & 5500(10) Globes
Two 1,000w – Mole 6″ Baby (Tungsten)
Two 650w – Mole Tweenie (Tungsten)
One 300w – Mole Betweenie (Tungsten)
One 200w – Mole InBetweenie (Tungsten)
One 400 Blackjack (Pay as used - $150)

Sand Bags

Eight 35lbs Sandbag
Eight 20lbs Sandbag
Seven 20lbs Shot Bags


Two Shiny Board - Silver (Hard/Soft)
Two 4 x 4 Beadboard


One Taco Cart
One Muscle Cart
One Milk Crate Cart
One 4 x 4 Cart
One Head Cart
One Jr. Magliner w/ 10inch Wheels


Twelve Stingers - 25 to 100ft various
Two Dimmers (1,000w)
Three Dimmers (600w)
Four Cube Taps
Three Ground Lifts

Butterfly/Overhead Set

Two 8 x 8ft Half Soft Frost
Two 8 x 8ft Silver Gold Checker (Lisa Maria)
Two 8 x 8ft Ultra Bounce
Two 8 x 8ft Solid Black
One 8 x 8ft 1/2 Soft Black
One 8 x 8ft Single
One 8 x 8ft Double


Eight C-Stands (w/ Arms)
Six Combo Stands (3-Riser w/ RM Leg)
Two Low Boy Combo (2-Riser w/ RM Leg)
Six Beefy Baby (3-Riser w/ RM Leg)
One Baby C-Stand

Grip Equipment

Two Baby Nail-on Wall Plate
Two Junior Nail-on Wall Plate
Two Bead Board Holder (Duckbill/Platypus)
Six Baby Scissor Spuds/Cieling Clips
Three Stand Adapters (Butt Plugs)
Two Baby Offset Arm
Fifteen #1 Hard Graves (Grip Clips)
Fifteen #2 Hard Graves (Grip Clips)
Four #3 Hard Graves (Grip Clips)
Two Grid Clamp w/ Jr. Male Pin
Six 4.5inch Combo Heads (lollipops)
Four Cardellini Clamps, End Jaw
Six 4.5inch Combo Heads (lollipops)
One Furniture Clamp 8inch
Four 2 1/2inch Grip Head (Gobo)
Two Speed Rail Coupler
Three 6inch Baby Pin (Similar to a Norm's Pin)
Two Furniture Pads
One Wedges & Cribbing - Small Box
Two 8 x 8ft Frame


Two 4 x 4 Solid Floppy
One 4 x 4 Empty Frame
Four 24 x 36 Solid
Two 24 x 36 Double Net
Two 24 x 36 Single Net
One 24 x 36 Silk (Iimitation)
Four 18 x 24 Solid
Two 18 x 24 Double Net
Four #3 Hard Graves (Grip Clips)
One 18 x 24 Single Net
One 18 x 24 Silk (Imitation)


One 4 x 4 B/W Foam Core ($12 charge if cut)
One Tape Roll - Assortment
One C-47 - Assortment
One 2 Blackwrap - Box (24inch Wide)
One Sash/Various Ties & Bag
One Garbage Bags - Small Box
Two Nylong 1/2inch Rope (100ft Sections)
Two Nylong 1/2inch Rope (50ft Sections)
One Crate of Scrap Duvetyne
One Clear Visqueen (Roll) & Tarp
One Crutch Tips (Various)