Daily Rates

Choose from hundreds of gear and equipment rentals to help your project go above and beyond!

Below is a list of expendables in Pirate's G&E rental house:

Gel -
Eigth, Quarter, Half, Full

$7/ft CTO
$7/ft CTB
$7/ft Straw
$7/ft Plus Green
$7/ft Minus Green
Call for a Quote Party Colors


$7/ft Opal
$7/ft 251
$7/ft 250
$7/ft 216
$7/ft 1000H
$7/ft Half Soft Frost
$7/ft Grids
$7/ft Unbleached or Bleached Muslin


$5/ft Duvatyne
$25 2ft Blackwrap
$17/hank Sash Cord Cotton 100ft (White, Black)
$15/hank Sash Cord Cotton 100ft 3/16" Diameter (Black)
$25 Foamcore (black, White)
$10 Showcard (Black, White, Silver, Gold)
$120 Visquine 20ft x 100ft 6mL
$5/ea 1 x 1 Mirrors


$25 2inch Gaff Tape (White, Grey, Black)
$20 1inch Gaff Tape (White, Black)
$12 2inch Paper Tape (Black)
$8 1inch Paper Tape (Black)


$15 Super 77
$7 Dulling Spray (call for hues)
$7 Streaks n' Tips (call for colors)

ND Gel

$7/ft .3
$7/ft .6
$7/ft .9
$7/ft 1.2