Daily Rates

Choose from hundreds of gear and equipment rentals to help your project go above and beyond!

Below is a list of camera equipment in Pirate's G&E rental house:


$60 Sachtler 18 Tripod
$75 Sachtler 20 Tripod
$10 High Hat
$10 Low Hat
$100 Cartoni Spinhead


$175 Intel-A-Jib
$175 Hothead


$150 Flanders Scientific 17inch CM171
(A/C power and gold mount battery plate options w/ baby input)
$45 Two 190/230 Watt Gold Mount Batteries w/ Charger
$75 Four 190/230 Watt Gold Mount Batteries w/ Charger
$50 Battery Belt (Takes Two Gold Mount Batteries)


$250 Chapman Pedistal Pdolly
$75 Doorway Cheeseplate/4 Way Steering
$50 Skateboard Doorway Dolly
$50 Skateboard Dolly Troughs
$75 Dana Dolly
$2 2ft Dolly Starters
$4 4ft Dolly Track
$6 6ft Dolly Track
$8 8ft Dolly Track
$10 10ft Dolly Track
$20 Dana Dolly 91011 Curved Track Set
$100 Western Dolly